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Colouring Books & More!

Colour Me in colouring books are all hand drawn by me, printed on lovely A5 thin card.
They are fun designs, shapes, good vibes and bold lines.
Have some mindful moments as your pens bring the pages alive.


Hi! I’m Kerry – I have been creating things as far back as I can remember!

Growing up, there was always access to fabric and paint, cardboard boxes, cutting, sticking, sewing, molding and drawing – I loved the prospect of turning something into something else, and this stuck with me even into adulthood. As a kid at heart, I never stick to creating just one type of thing, and so Kreations by Kerry was born! I am continually inspired by many things. I love texture and colour and once an idea pops into my mind I am always keen to let that come out!
This is evident in all my recent artworks and even the latest “Kreation” the “Colour Me In” colouring books!

I have discovered along the way that I also love to create a space for others to be creative. This is such a highlight for me as watching others’ creativity bloom in a gentle encouraging space is the most delightful thing. Everyone is creative and when you give yourself the gift of time with an easy to follow workshop the results are amazing!

I’m looking forward to a fabulous 2022. With more Art, workshops, sewing, and Colouring Books!

Life is better when you do more of what you love!

Kreations by Kerry

Heartfelt Sewing

At Kreations by Kerry, we believe that art holds a powerful place in helping people bring more joy, love and compassion into their lives. We were inspired by the 1000 Hearts Project in Tasmania to set up a similar initiative here in WA. This is a free community event held every month. Everyone is welcome - come and join us for hand sewing the felt hearts, we make jars full and distribute them through the school Chaplains where little hands in need can have one for their pocket. Held at Lakelands Library & Community Centre

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